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Hi I'm Karrington, an Event Planner & Strategy Coach

I'm Karrington Warfield, the heart and mind behind this innovative service. As the CEO, Owner, and Operator of this dynamic company, I am dedicated to transforming the event planning landscape for coaches and entrepreneurs.


My mission?  To seamlessly merge event planning and strategy, enlightening entrepreneurs about the crucial significance of pre-planning and strategic event management. The primary focus is on bridging the gap and empowering businesses to convert leads into loyal clients through strategic and impactful event planning.

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My Journey To Empowering Your Events

My foray into the business world began in 2020 when I co-founded a virtual online business with a friend. This venture, while full of lessons, didn't quite take off as we hoped. After some reflection, we made the tough decision to move on. However, this experience was far from a setback. It was a stepping stone that led me to my true calling.


Later that year, fueled by my passion for event planning and a desire to make a tangible impact, I ventured solo into the realm of event strategy. I established Karrington Warfield, LLC with a clear vision: to go beyond traditional event planning and dive deep into strategic event execution. This wasn't just about organizing events; it was about crafting experiences that align perfectly with business goals and objectives.

I don't just plan events; I breathe life into them. By aligning event strategies seamlessly with your business goals, I ensure that every gathering you host is not just an event but an experience. 

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Let's Make an Impact Together

Together, we can turn your visions into realities that not only captivate your audience but also drive your business forward.



Crafting Success, One Event at a Time

I recently had the privilege of attending Coach K’s Master Class on Event Planning strategies. It was such an enlightening and invaluable class. Everything was so informative! From start to finish, I was impressed by her passion, knowledge, and the insight she shared! The class was also fun. The emphasis on meticulous budgeting, staying on schedule, and the importance of planning ahead were key takeaways that stood out to me. These practical skills are not just useful for event planners, but anyone who wants to ensure smooth execution of any project or endeavor. Needless to say, Coach K, the Planner’s Coach is the bomb. Don’t miss the next Master Class!

Rashawana Smith, Visionary Coach

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